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If you have tried many attempts to clean your carpet and none of them have worked, have you tried hiring professionals to do it. We are among some of the best people you could stumble upon in the Balham industry.

Our company has existed for a very long time and our team has so many years of experience so it is safe to say that if you make us your choice, you are in good hands.

Hiring us and before we arrive

A client is provided with all of the information and details about the carpet cleaning service. We make sure that they are informed about what they would potentially pay for.

Before we arrive tough, we appreciate that if the client happens to have any pets to please get them into a room where they can be safe and not be in the way during the cleaning.

The carpets need to be cleared from all furniture that is mobile or can be moved. Along with that, don’t risk having something be broken by us. Move any fragile objects away from the cleaning area.

We carry our own products and equipment selected to be the best choice in the Balham industry.

Cleaning of the carpets

We start off with regular vacuuming. That takes care of anything easily picked up. After that, its time to introduce the carpet to our products. Its a very satisfying procedure, seeing how the carpet becomes cleaner and cleaner, every time we pass over with the machine.

As for those stubborn stains, we attack them with very hot water and use more products which in most cases work, as the stains get completely removed or at least fade away to being vaguely visible. These steps are the basics in the Balham field, we do however go through more steps to make sure that the cleaning is successful.

  • All products we use are Green and healthy.
  • The quality of our service is equal to every client.
  • A client gets full service for the price they pay.
  • The client has control over the service.