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You have tried washing the carpets on your own and the result is unsatisfactory? That is because most of the grime gathers in its base, from where it can be extracted entirely only by the means of high-quality cleaning equipment. Our company has been specialising in professional carpet cleaning for years already delivering flexible and innovative cleaning solutions.

One of our vetted cleaners can clean deeply every area of your carpet only by the means of environmentally-friendly cleaning methods and this comfort won’t cost you a fortune. Give us a call and no matter where in Battersea is your property situated, we will schedule your service at the first convenient time for you.

Professional carpet cleaning designed to bring you peace of mind

There are many reasons why the citizens of Battersea prefer us to other cleaning contractors. We believe that every carpet requires a unique cleaning approach and it is our mission to ensure it. For this purpose, we take into consideration every requirement. Customer’s satisfaction is our main motivation.

As a cleaning company committed to quality, we select individually the cleaners in our team, making sure they will always go the extra mile and deliver a service of great value to our clients. For your assurance, all our operatives are qualified carpet technicians.

Beneficial carpet cleaning services

We are certain that you will find working with us really profitable because our staff is using the most reliable carpet cleaning solution, known as hot water extraction. This method involves only eco-friendly cleaning materials and eliminates the hidden pollutants completely.

Hundreds of people left the maintenance of their carpets to us and enjoyed a pristine level of cleanliness and peace of mind. With us you are guaranteed to receive not just a regular carpet cleaning but a cleaning service tailored to your individual needs.

For you we have also:

  • Prices that won’t cause you any financial inconvenience
  • Assistance in the whole Battersea and the nearby areas
  • Non-toxic cleaning materials included in the price as well
  • A variety of free weekend slots
  • Friendly and responsive call centre agents any time available to assist you