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Our company is based in Brockley and we are the top provider of high quality carpet care. We have been developing our business for years and we have gained great knowledge and experience in the field of professional carpet cleaning.

We have the competence and the resources to restore all types of carpets so trust us, benefit from our top quality services and reasonable rates! We use the most advanced technologies and we guarantee excellent results every time we clean.

Customized cleaning plans, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is our priority. We work with care and precision and will go above and beyond to meet all your expectations. We know that each carpet cleaning situation is unique and we offer customized cleaning plans based on your desires, requirements and budget.

You can trust us for delivering the right service for your needs. Our employees are qualified and experienced and will provide the carpet cleaning solution that best corresponds to your needs.

The first step in our cleaning procedure is analyzing the type and the condition of your carpets. Only then we can decide what is the most suitable carpet cleaning solution for your items.

We take into consideration any stains and heavily-soiled areas and we apply our specially formulated pretreatment solution. It contains no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients and works brilliantly on a wide spectrum of stains.
Then we use our highly effective steam cleaning technique. It eliminates the deepest dirt and gently protects the colours and the delicate fibres. The method is absolutely safe since it involves no use of toxic chemicals.

Safe carpet restoration methods, value with every clean

Moisture extraction is the next step in our work. Our powerful vacuum system removes 97 percent of the humidity from your carpets and they are completely dry in just a couple of hours.

We always finish our work by deodorizing the carpets. Any odors are permanently neutralized and you can enjoy the scent of freshness for days to come!

  • Flexible carpet cleaning services, affordable rates
  • The right treatment for your carpets by the best cleaning experts in Brockley
  • Weekend appointments, flexible working hours, no extra charges
  • Fully-trained and competent carpet cleaners
  • High-end cleaning technologies, safe carpet restoration methods, long-lasting results

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