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For every home or office, we provide carpet cleaning. Your worn down and dull carpet will have a new chance for life after our professional cleaners do their job.

It is a service that costs less than buying a new set of carpets and our team has worked in the Catford industry for many years, so it is safe to say that our clients are in good hands.

The hiring part of carpet cleaning

Our team will give you full information and details about it as well as answer any questions that fall into the area of Catford

After the appointment is made, the cleaners are notified and will be over to you right on time. They bring their own equipment and Green cleaning products.

Before they arrive, if you have any pets, take them to a safe area of your home for them to not be in the way of our cleaners.

The carpet cleaning part

The fun begins. The cleaners begin with thorough vacuuming of the carpet to get rid of any dry dirt and all sorts of things that have ended up on the carpet and can easily be picked up by a vacuum cleaner.

After that, the cleaners go over with the cleaning products and equipment which will take care of the regular stains and everything else that has settled into the carpet.

In the next step, things are getting hot. Our cleaners use water that reaches boiling temperatures and cleaning products to treat really really stubborn stains and hight traffic areas.

Finally, the cleaners will dry the carpets using equipment that sucks up most or all of the water. And that is it. There may be other steps in between, depending on the situation of the carpet.

These are the basic procedures that professionals use in the Catford industry.

  • We equip our cleaners with the most professional equipment in the industry.
  • You receive full service for the price you pay.
  • Our entire team has over eight years of experience.
  • Every client gets equal quality.