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Organising a deep carpet cleaning once in several months will keep the floor coverings in your home clean and it will also extend their life. Washing a carpet, however, is linked with a profound knowledge and specialised equipment, which you as a homeowner may not possess. At our cleaning company, we are fully aware of this fact and offer you a profound carpet cleaning, carried out by a certified technician.

Our cleaning solutions worked out for hundreds of people in Charlton. As a customer focused company, we listen carefully to every requirement. As cleaning carpets is one of the most intimidating domestic chores, our main objective is to deliver you a professional cleaning service that saves you time and ensures a high level of hygiene.

Core commitment and constant aspire for improvement

Our mission is to deliver personal attention, effective cleaning solutions and peace of mind. Rest assured that the job will be implemented in a sufficient manner because all cleaners in our team have undergone extensive carpet cleaning training. Armed with the newest cleaning solutions, our representatives are able to eliminate all types of hidden pollutants.

In order to restore the good lock of your carpet, one of them will first carry out a thorough hoovering and preliminary cleaning of any dirty patches. After that, they will clean deeply every area of the carpet by the means of purified water and high-powered vacuum cleaning machine.

The method of hot water extraction doesn’t involve any toxic cleaning products and ensures the best possible result. In addition to this, it allows our operatives to eliminate a huge amount of the moisture after the cleaning, which means that you don’t need to wait long for your carpet to dry.

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Hundreds of people already experienced the pleasure of working with us. We believe that our customers deserve much more than a standard cleaning service.

In return for their money, you will receive an individualised cleaning solution and 100 per cent satisfaction.

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