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Carpet cleaning services are available for homes, offices and public spaces. Contact us, and we will send to you professionals in the Deptford field which will do wonders to your carpets.

A carpet cleaning procedure is recommendable to be performed at least two times a year. If not taken care of, the carpets become a perfect place for bacteria to spread.

Before our cleaners arrive

When it’s time for your carpets to be cleaned, give us a call, our team will provide you with high quality service. They will explain everything about the carpet cleaning service and how it works from hiring to completing.

As well as explaining the process of the service, our team has the answers to any questions which fall into the Deptford area and are ready to provide them to you if you happen to have any questions about it.

When you make your appointment, we notify our cleaners and they will be on their way, arriving at your home or the place where the service is needed and get to work.

If you happen to have any pets, we would like it if you take them into a safe area of your home so that they are not in danger or in the way of our cleaners. Move any small or movable furniture off the carpets and clear the field of breakable objects.

After the cleaners arrive

Our cleaners go through steps which are basic in the Deptford field. First, they vacuum the carpets to get rid of all the dry dirt and everything else that can be easily picked up by a vacuum cleaner.

Next is using products and equipment which will treat even the most stubborn stains and high traffic ares. And after that, they finish off with drying the carpets by sucking up the carpets with more special equipment.

  • We provide equal service to all of our clients.
  • You get full service for the price you pay.
  • The products our cleaners use are not paid by the client.
  • Our cleaners only use Green products.