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Our company is the leader on the market in professional cleaning. We provide first-class carpet cleaning services and we are proud to be one of the few companies that has incorporated the green cleaning practices in their work.

We have the competence, the experience and the resources to restore all types of carpets and we are a top choice for hundreds of people in Dulwich.

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We follow the growing market demands and we constantly upgrade our services. We use the very latest technologies and the safest and most advanced carpet restoration methods. We always achieve the highest standards in carpet cleaning and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Spills and carpet stains are inevitable. That is why we always begin our carpet cleaning procedure with pretreatment of stains and heavily-soiled areas. We use our highly effective pretreatment solutions which contain no harsh chemicals and are gentle to the colours and the carpet fibres.

Afterwards we apply our exclusive steam cleaning technique. We inject hot water directly into the fibres and then a powerful suction removes all accumulated dirt and any unhealthy elements from your carpet.

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The next step in our work is the moisture extraction. 96 percent of the moisture in your carpets is immediately removed and your pieces are just slightly damp to the touch.

The finishing touch in the cleaning procedure is deodorizing the carpets. It is important since any odors that might have been absorbed are neutralized at their source.

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