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If you want to have clean, thoroughly restored carpets, benefit from our high-quality carpet care. Our company is located in Edmonton and we are the best choice for anyone who wants to prolong the life of their carpets and enjoy the nice carpet feel for days to come.

We offer a great diversity of carpet cleaning solutions and we can design your very own cleaning plan based on the type of your carpets, their condition, and your requirements.

We have been in the business long enough and we have the competence, the experience and the resources to clean all types of carpets using only safe clean up methods and products.

Edmonton Commendable carpet cleaning services

The first step in our carpet cleaning procedure is careful inspection of the piece in order to decide which is the most appropriate cleaning technique. Afterwards we apply specially formulated pre treatment solution to any stains and high traffic areas. We use only all-natural cleaning products so you can rest assured the carpet fibres will not be damaged. There is no risk for the colours as well and in the vast majority of the cases the satins are successfully removed.

For deep and proper carpet disinfection we use steam cleaning. The method extracts safely and gently all accumulated dirt, bacteria and allergens and restores the carpets to “as-good-as-new”.

What follows is moisture extraction. We use our powerful vacuum system and your carpets are just slightly damp to the touch. Carpet odors are inevitable and it is important to neutralize them. The last stage in our cleaning procedure is deodorizing the carpets and you can enjoy a pleasing, long-lasting scent of cleanliness.

We are the most trusted cleaning company in Edmonton and we work with the best professional carpet cleaners. They are highly trained and experienced and will deliver the right service for you needs.

The cleaning process will be perfectly organized and you will experience no inconvenience at all. Our team will start and finish work on time and you will have sparkling clean carpets just in a couple of hours- no worries, no hassle, no complications at all!

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