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Ready to provide carpet cleaning to any home, office or public space, we are among some of the best and most reliable people in the Greenwich field who are ready to provide high quality with very satisfying results.

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Hiring of service and before the cleaners arrive

When you call us, we will give you the details about the carpet cleaning service from its start to the completion. Along with that, if you happen to have any questions that fall into the Greenwich area, our team will have all of the answers for them.

After you make your appointment with us, we will be with you right on time. But before we arrive, make sure to have certain things in check. If you have pets, please get them into a safe area of your home so that they are not in danger or in the way of the cleaners. Also, move any light or mobile furniture from the carpets and clear the field of all breakable objects.

Cleaning procedure and completion of the service

When we arrive, we get down to work straight away. Following steps which are essential in the Greenwich field. We begin with regular vacuuming so to take care off all of the dried dirt and everything that is easily sucked up. After that we stat treating the dirty bits until the carpet reaches satisfying results.

For the stubborn stains and heavy traffic areas, again we use cleaning products and equipment which dispenses water that reaches boiling temperatures. This is guaranteed to take care of all those frustrating messes. Finally, to dry the carpets, we suck up the water.

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  • We only use Green and healthy products.
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