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If your carpets need proper care, benefit from our our excellent carpet cleaning services. Our company is based in Finsbury and we are the leaders in the field of professional cleaning.

We have specialized in cleaning all types of carpets and we rely on the the safest and most advanced restoration methods. We work with high-end technology and we always achieve perfect results.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services Finsbury

We begin our work with careful inspection of the carpets. We pay special attention to stains and high-traffic areas and we apply our unique pretreatment solution that contains no artificial ingredients and gently protects the colours and the carpet fibres.

We then use our highly effective steam cleaning technique which removes the deepest dirt and eliminates all types of bacteria, dust mites and other unhealthy elements. The method is entirely safe since no harsh chemicals are used. Hot, soft water and specially formulated carpet cleaning solution are injected deep into the carpet fibres. Our powerful vacuum system extracts all microscopic pollutants and your carpets are sparkling clean and shiny.

After the cleaning procedure your carpets are almost completely dry: our exclusive moisture extraction technique removes up to 97 percent of the humidity from your carpets and they are just slightly damp to the touch. Before we finish we deodorize the carpets thus eliminating any odors that might have been absorbed in them.

We know that different carpets require different cleaning techniques and we promise to provide the right care and treatment for your piece. Trust us- we are the top professionals in Finsbury, Muswell Hill and Friern Barnet in carpet cleaning and we know what is the most appropriate restoration method for your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning techs are qualified and experienced and will offer you safe carpet cleaning solutions that will rejuvenate the colours and the carpet fibres and will prolong the lifespan of your pieces.

Our carpet cleaning services come at affordable rates so do not hesitate, request our professional assistance! We work 7 days a week and on holidays, and there is always an option for same day cleaning visit. Make the best choice now and let the top carpet cleaning specialists in Finsbury take care of your carpets!