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Carpet cleaning is one of the least popular household chores- it is time-consuming and the stains are so difficult to remove! We understand all that and we are proud to offer you our exclusive carpet cleaning services!

We are top rated carpet cleaning experts in Highbury and we can provide the right care and treatment for your pieces. We know that proper carpet care goes far beyond vacuuming and fighting stains. It requires special skills and professional equipment and we have all the resources to provide top-notch services in each cleaning situation.

Splendid carpet cleaning services in Highbury

The individual approach is a core element in our work. We design carpet cleaning plans based on your requirements and budget, and according to the type and the condition of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning specialists have years of experience in carpet restoration and you can fully trust their professional advice. They will carefully analyze each cleaning situation and only then will they determine which is the most appropriate carpet cleaning technique.

We begin our work with thorough vacuuming of the piece and pre treatment of satins. We use our unique, specially formulated stain removals which clean successfully a wide spectrum of stains without damaging the fibres or affecting the colours.

Steam cleaning is regarded as the safest and the most effective carpet restoration method. It is as well the most recommended one by carpet manufacturers. Steam cleaning works brilliantly on all types of carpets and eliminates the deepest dirt along with bacteria, dust mites and other unhealthy elements.

Our exclusive moisture extraction technique provides immediate comfort- it removes up to 98 percent of the moisture and your carpets are apt to use after a couple of hours air drying on their own.

Carpet odors are inevitable and we always deodorize the carpets thus neutralizing, and not simply masking, the bad smells at their source.

Book our services now and have your carpets impeccably clean! We work with the top professionals in Highbury, Palmers Green and Southgate and we guarantee perfect results! Your satisfaction is important to us and we will never compromise with the high quality of our work.