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Our company is located in Hornsey and we are the acknowledged leaders in professional carpet cleaning. We have huge experience in our field and we are able to offer a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions.

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Meticulous carpet cleaning services in Hornsey

We use the safest carpet restoration methods and only eco friendly cleaning products. We hugely rely on steam cleaning which is considered the most effective carpet restoration technique. Hot water and specially formulated cleaning solution are injected into the carpet and then a powerful vacuum system lifts the dirt and extracts all kinds of microscopic pollutants. Your carpet is impeccably clean without the use of harsh chemicals or the abrasive brushing of other carpet restoration techniques.

In order to provide you with immediate comfort, we always use our highly effective moisture extraction technique. It removes 96 percent of the humidity and you could walk on your carpets shortly after the cleaning procedure.

The final touch is eliminating any odors that might have been absorbed in your carpets. We deodorize the piece and you are left with long-lasting, pleasing scent.

We work with the best and most experienced professional carpet cleaners in Hornsey. They know how to achieve the highest standards in each cleaning situation and you will be impressed with the results.

We guarantee your satisfaction. The relationships with our clients are based on great services, loyalty and trust and go far beyond one-time projects.

We work 7 days a week and on holidays and we do not charge extra fees. We have special discount packages for you and we can offer you a carpet cleaning plan based on your budget and preferences.
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