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This company is a good choice. Its team is dedicated to providing their clients with excellent service and achieving perfect results.

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Hiring and what to do before we arrive at your home

It all starts off when a client calls us. We give them the details about the carpet cleaning service from start to completion. We want to make sure that our client knows what they are going to be paying for.

After the introduction is over, if the client has any further questions, we provide them with all of the answers that fall into the area of Mortlake

If the client decides to hire our services, they make an appointment with us and we make sure to be at their home right on time.

Before we arrive, it is very lovely if the client has cleared the carpets of any light furniture and fragile objects. We don’t want anything in the way or broken.

If the client has any pets, it is best for them to be taken into a room or outside where cleaning won’t be performed, so that the pets are safe and don’t bug us while we clean.

Cleaning procedure

We follow basic steps in the Mortlake field that prove to be effective on even the most stubborn stains. Starting off with regular vacuuming, after that it’s treating the carpet to light cleaning with products.

And if there are still stains, we apply some “aggressive” procedures with our professional equipment. When we are satisfied with the results, the carpet gets dried as we suck up the water.

  • The client doesn’t pay for the products we use.
  • The client gets full service for the price they have payed.
  • Every client gets equal quality service.
  • The products we use are Green and healthy.