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Your carpets alone should convince you weather or not, you are in need of a carpet cleaning service. We constantly deliver high quality to our clients and leave them with very satisfying results.

In the Stockwell industry, we are among the most professional and reliable team you can stumbled upon. Make us your choice, and we will do our best to impress you and exceed your expectations.

Hiring us

We are waiting to receive your call. We provide our client the details about the carpet cleaning service from its hiring to the completion. Along with that, if the client has any questions, we have all the answers for them.

After the client makes and appointment with us, we prepare for the job and get to their home right on time. We ask our clients, if they have any pets, to please get them into a safe area so that they are not in danger or in our way. Also, before we arrive, the client needs to clear the carpets from any light furniture and breakable objects.

When we arrive, a client doesn’t need to give us any cleaning products. We carry our own equipment and products which are the best choice in the Stockwell industry.

Cleaning the carpets

The work begins with a little regular vacuuming of the carpets so to get rid of everything which is easy to be picked up by a vacuum cleaner. When the vacuuming is done, it is time to clean the carpet from all of that which has settled into it. For this step, we use products and heavier equipment.

Our next step makes all the stubborn stains disappear. Using water with very hight temperature and products, we perform some deep cleaning that obliterates the stains and trails from high traffic areas. To finish off, we dry the carpets by sucking up the water.

  • The client doesn’t pay for the cleaning products.
  • All products we use are Green and healthy.
  • All clients get equal quality service.
  • A client gets full service for the price they pay.