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All carpets get dirty, that cannot be changed. But there are people in the Streatham field who are very good at their job and can provide excellent carpet cleaning services.

Among those people, you can find us. A team who is dedicated to providing their clients with stunning quality and perfect results. We make sure that when someone choses us for the carpet cleaning, they do not regret that decision.

The client gets informed and prepares for the cleaners

We make sure to inform our clients when they call for the first time so they know what they are getting themselves into. We give them the details about the carpet cleaning from hiring of the service to its completion.

When the client hires us, before we make it to their home, we ask them to make sure that the carpets are clear from furniture that can be easily moved as well as making sure to clear the are of any breakable objects. We don’t like to cause damage to our client’s homes.

If the client has any pets, it would be wise for them to take them into a room or outside where they can be safe and not in the way while we clean.

The cleaners get down to work

We maintain steps that promise good results as well as applying our own techniques, unique for the Streatham field.

First, we vacuum the carpets to get take care of everything that can be easily picked up by a vacuum.

After that, we start cleaning the carpets, working hard, treating the stubborn stains and high traffic areas and making sure they completely fade out.

When the cleaning is done, we suck up the water from the carpets to dry them artificially as best as we can. It’s expected for the carpets to still be slightly moist after we’re done.

  • The products and equipment we use are the best choice in the Streatham industry.
  • All of our clients get equal quality service.
  • A client gets full service for the paid price.
  • All products we use are Green and healthy.