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Carpets are among the most frequently used items in every house. For this reason, they accumulate not only dirt such as spills and stains but also bacteria and dust mites. In order to keep the floor covering in your home clean and well-sanitised, you should have them professionally cleaned at least twice per year.

Regular maintenance will not only keep your carpets free of allergens but it will also extend their life. If you are interested in hiring a certified carpet technician, feel free to give us a call. We are a progressive cleaning contractor in Tottenham famous for its reliable and innovative cleaning solutions.

Our cleaning personnel

We operate in the field of cleaning for several years already and our vetted technicians have covered hundreds of carpet cleaning projects. We take pride in their ability to work in a quick and efficient manner, delivering the best possible result. For your peace of mind, all of them are fully trained and armed with high-powered carpet cleaning equipment.

With our qualified cleaners, you don’t need to worry about results because they are able to clean your carpets by the method of hot water extraction, which eliminates completely all grime, bacteria and unpleasant odours only by the means of eco-friendly cleaning materials. After their performance, every area of your carpet will be deeply cleaned ensuring a healthy environment for your family.

Clear communication and friendly approach

There are many reasons for our tremendous success in the field of cleaning. Yet, people prefer working with us mostly because we listen intently to their requirements and always deliver the desired level of cleanliness.

We believe that it is not just a standard carpet cleaning what our clients need and it is our mission to deliver them a service of value.

Your benefits from working with us are:

  • Affordable prices that fit your budget completely
  • Assistance at your preferred time frame in the entire Tottenham
  • Weekend appointment without any additional fee
  • Up to date cleaning equipment included in the price of the service as well
  • Friendly and responsive call centre agents any time at your disposal