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Make sure your carpets are fresh, soft and look brand new for the next season. Make us your choice and we will provide very good service with satisfying results. Our carpet cleaning service has been the choice of people for almost nine years.

This company’s team has been at this game for even longer than that and they definitely know their way around the Wandsworth field. So it is safe to say, that our clients are in good hands.

We provide excellent costumer support and tell the clients to get ready in advance

For the clients who call us for the first time, we explain to them the entire process of the carpet cleaning services from the start to it’s completion.

We don’t want any clients to feel confused as to what is going on and why they spent money on our services. We maintain good morals and do our job. Making sure to properly represent the Wandsworth industry.

When they hire us, before we arrive, we want them to have all carpets clear of any furniture that can be easily moved as well as any fragile objects. We really don’t want to break something.

Also, if the client has any pets, it’s a good idea to take them into a room where they will be safe and not run around us while we are cleaning.

We arrive, set up and start cleaning

When we arrive, don’t go out of your way to give us cleaning products. We already carry our own equipment and cleaning products which are a best choice in the Wandsworth industry.

So the cleaning begins as the first step of our procedure is vacuuming the carpet to clear it from anything that can be easily picked up by a vacuum cleaner.

After that, we start to put in use the rest of our equipment and introducing the products. We go over the carpet several times until the stubborn stains haven’t faded away and finishing the cleaning by drying the carpet.

  • The products which we use are all Green and healthy.
  • Every client receives equal service.
  • The client gets full service for the price the pay.
  • A client has control over the service.