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Carpets undoubtedly are a must-have accessory in today’s home. There are all sorts of carpets that come in all sorts of shapes. Yet, they still are a very expensive accessory and that’s why you should keep them clean.

If you want to keep your carpets clean yourself, prepare for some really hard work – you may need to move furniture before the actual process, take the carpet our to wash it, etc. That’s not all, though – you might have to wait as long as a whole week for it to dry completely and if you don’t use a proper detergent you might even damage carpet fibers.

That’s why it’s best to rely on professional help for the carpet cleaning, and when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, it’s best to rely on our help. Contact us and book our professional carpet cleaning services, we’re affordable and diligent and we offer services in Totteridge only.

No more carpet stains

We guarantee that if you book our professional carpet cleaning services, you’ll have the cleanest carpets in Totteridge. We are able to eliminate bacteria rooted deep into the carpet fibers, not only on the carpet surface.

Of all carpet cleaning companies in Totteridge, only we offer applying a coat of our professional stain resistant on your carpet – the SCOTCHGUAR Protector. With it you won’t freak out every time you spill something on your carpet – the liquid simply go through.

Say bye to dampness

We are equipped with a professional moisture extractor and we guarantee elimination of up to 95 percent moisture from your carpets.

What you’ll get if you book our professional carpet cleaning services is a brand spanking new carpet and you can have it at the cost of peanuts! We’re not kidding, the price you pay for our services is nothing compared to the results you get in the end. Call us and book today.

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