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The kid spilled juice on the carpet? The dog did his business on your carpet again? Well, you can either leave things thusly, making not only your home unappealing but also risking your life – dirty and stained carpets contain up to 5000 different kinds of deadly bacteria – or you can call us.

We offer professional carpet cleaning services at affordable rates exclusively in Whitechapel. Wondering why you should choose us and not others?

Well, we are more diligent than others in Whitechapel. We are absolutely devoted to our clients and that’s why we’ll stay as long as we have to and we won’t leave until we absolutely disinfect your carpet. What’s more, our carpet cleaning services won’t destroy your savings – in fact, we offer the best performance-price ratio in Whitechapel.

Simply the best

Our carpet cleaning services are not only inexpensive. We are devoted to our clients and we constantly aim at satisfying them. That’s why we never stop improving our performance – we provide our technicians with traineeships and tests which teach them how to efficiently fight even persistent stains and bacteria on carpet fibers.

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There’s no other cleaning company in Whitechapel that is so faithful to it’s customers. We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction at all times. And if we fail to deliver a perfect carpet cleaning service, within 48 hours we’ll come back and redo our job and that won’t cost you any money.

Unique experience

If you book our carpet cleaning services you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness pure magic – our technicians will be the magicians, and your carpet will be the thing tasting our magic.

Our cleaning tools and equipment are professional and our technicians are familiar with each of our cleaning machines. We guarantee elimination of all possible stains and we can extract up to 95 percent moisture from your carpet.

  • No stain left behind
  • All bacteria removed
  • Complete deodorization
  • Customer satisfaction at all costs.
  • Prevention of further stains with our SCOTCHGUAR Protector

Choose our carpet cleaning services today. We are available in EC4 throughout the week, including on bank holidays.