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If you want to prolong the lifespan of your carpets and enjoy their bright colours again, request our superb carpet cleaning services. We are based in Blackheath and we are the most trusted carpet cleaning specialists.

We have established our business years ago and we have huge experience in restoring all types of carpets. We provide premium carpet care at reasonable rates and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Safe and effective carpet cleaning techniques, long-lasting results

We follow the latest tendencies in carpet cleaning and we innovate our services every day. We encourage green cleaning and we work with all-natural products and materials. We use high end professional equipment and the results are simply amazing!

Our carpet cleaning procedure begins with careful analysis of the condition of your carpets. We pay special attention to stains and high-traffic areas and we pre treat them with our unique, all-natural stain removals.

Afterwards, we use our highly effective hot water extraction technique. We inject hot, soft water directly into the carpet fibres and then a powerful suction extracts all accumulated dirt and dust, as well as allergens and bacteria.

We extract 95 percent of the moisture from your carpets and you can use them and enjoy the soft, clean carpet feel almost immediately. The final finishing touch in our work is deodorizing the carpets and removing any smells (from cooking, pets, etc.) at their source.

First-class carpet cleaning services, quick and convenient cleaning process

Trust us and invite our carpet cleaning experts in your home! We will organize quick and hassle- free cleaning process and your carpets will shine
like new again! We work with the top professional carpet cleaners in Blackheath and you can be absolutely sure your carpets are in capable hands.

Our employees are trained and experienced and will deliver the right service for your needs.

  • Flexible services, individual approach
  • First-class carpet care by the top experts in Blackheath
  • Same day service possibility, weekend appointments, no extra charges
  • Convenient and friendly service, reasonable rates
  • Latest professional equipment, effective, all-natural carpet restoration methods

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