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Our company is based in Holloway and we provide reliable, convenient, cost-effective carpet cleaning services. We have rich experience in our field and we know how to make your carpets pristine clean.

We know what is the right kind of treatment for each type of carpet and we will offer the most appropriate cleaning solution for your pieces. We can design your very own cleaning plan and we will take into consideration your requirements as well as the condition of your carpets.

Holloway Efficient and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service

We have dedicated ourselves to excellence and we constantly innovate our services. We use high-end professional equipment and environmentally friendly clean up methods. We organize courses in green cleaning for our employees and they have sufficient knowledge and experience in using safe carpet restoration methods.

Our exclusive hot water extraction technique gives perfect results on all types of carpets. It rejuvenates the colours and the fibres and deeply disinfects the carpets. You say goodbye to bacteria, dust mites and other unhealthy elements that might heave been collected in your items.

Moisture extraction is a must- 97 percent of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet and there is no risk of transfer of colour. The final step in our carpet cleaning procedure is deodorizing the carpets. Any unpleasant smells are permanently removed and you are left with impeccably clean carpets and a long-lasting scent of freshness.

We provide flexible, convenient, worry-free services.
We can schedule a cleaning visit at any time that is convenient for you, there is also an option for same day service.

We value your time and we will start and finish work on schedule. Our crew of experts are experienced and well-organized and your carpets will be meticulously cleaned in just a couple of hours. There will be nothing for you to arrange for the cleaning visit- we will come professionally equipped and will take care of everything.

We are the most reliable company in Holloway and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. We will clean your carpets up to standards and you will enjoy the comfort of your home again!

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