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Cleaning the carpets requires a lot of efforts and specialised cleaning equipment which most often cannot be found on the market and if found it would cost great amount of money. In addition you never know how they would react on the fabrics. Instead of causing so much trouble and worries to yourself in combination with taking a risk to damage your carpets, just reserve one of our professional carpet cleaning teams. We take pride in their skills to breathe new life into your old carpets while you enjoy your spare time.

Come to our office in Chelsea or give us a ring and we can together think of the best cleaning procedure for the most outstanding results on your carpet. We have various cleaning packages depending on the type of carpet you have.

For our company the sky is the limit when it comes to carpet cleaning services

Our highly skilled technicians stop at nothing when your carpet’s condition is on the line. They are able to deep clean it, no matter how soiled or polluted it is. We have trained our cleaners to operate easily with the steaming machine which contributes to 99,99 percent removal of all dust, microscopic bacteria, allergens, dust mites, grime, mould and many more pollutants which we cannot even see with a naked eye.

Outstanding carpet cleaning services in Chelsea, South Kensngton, Vauxhall and Stockwell

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Our cleaners have undergone training courses which enabled them to distinguish different materials and to choose the best option for treatment.

  • We utilise the hot water extraction method which is by far the most efficient treatment for dirty carpets
  • We use only environmentally friendly and chemical- free cleaning equipment and products, all included in the full service price
  • We are available in all of SW3 plus nearby areas
  • We collaborate with skilled and diligent cleaners who have years of experience
  • We have set our prices in a way to fit your budget