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Proper carpet cleaning is not just vacuuming and removing stains. High quality carpet care requires special skills and professional equipment and goes as far as eliminating bacteria, allergens and other unhealthy elements from your carpets.

We are the carpet cleaning specialists in Fulham who know all that and who can make your carpets impeccably clean and protected against bacterial growth.

Safe and effective carpet cleaning techniques, cutting edge technologies

We use the very latest technologies in carpet cleaning and we always achieve the highest standards in our work. We are the only company in Fulham, Tooting, Wandsworth and Wimbledon that supports green cleaning and can offer you safe and effective carpet restoration methods.

Our carpet cleaning techs are qualified and experienced and will provide the right care and treatment for your pieces. We know that different carpets need different cleaning techniques and we will offer you options based on the type and the condition of your items.

Our carpet cleaning services always begin with careful inspection of your carpets. We pre treat any stains or heavily- soiled areas with specially formulated stain removals which contain no artificial substances and successfully eliminate a wide range of stains without damaging the colours and the carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning is the safest restoration method which cleans and depth and rejuvenates the colours and the fibres. Hot, soft water is injected deep into the fibres and then a powerful suction extracts dirt, bacteria, dust mites and leaves your carpets impeccably clean and shiny.

Superb carpet cleaning services, guaranteed customer satisfaction

Our exclusive moisture extraction technique works brilliantly and removes 98 percent of the moisture from your carpets thus providing immediate comfort for your family and you.

Carpets absorb various kinds of unpleasant smells which tend to linger. That is why we always recommend deodorizing the carpets- this is the most powerful tool against persistent odors since it removes them at their source.

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